Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to make flowers out of left over fabrics

Hi everyone!!! It is so nice to be here after such a long time! Hope you still remember me:) I am such a lazy lady, who is not lazy to do things, but to make a post about them:) But at least now I make myself to sit and make some postings here:) Hope you guys will enjoy it:)
When I sew,  I always have scraps and left overs all over:) And if the fabric is beautiful, I can't make myself to throw out those scraps, so I try to make something out of them. Usually it is flowers:) I will post pictures below and hope it is understandable.
So, I cut out three different sizes of flower shape and then burn the edges with lighter or with a help of a candle.
 If you want your flower to be more fluffy, make more layers, here I made about 4-5 of for each size. Next step is just put all those layers on top of another, smaller one at the top and sew the middle.
You can also sew some beads to the center.
Usually I use them as a mat for my candles, or just a decoration piece for my table. Can be used as a headband if attached to elastic, or even as a belt... Anything you like:)
Next flower is made of thicker fabric, it is shiny and honestly I am not sure how that fabric is called:)
So you will cut out three different sizes of squares, this one is made 10x10, 7x7, 5x5 cm.
Fold the square corner to corner, shaping triangle, sew the longer edge, and then gather a little.
Make sure that the smallest petal has to be gathered tighter than other petals. 
Now start assembling your flower, wrapping them to each other, starting from the smallest. Wrap in check mate order. Shape up the flower with your hands and it is ready!
See you till next time!!!