Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flowery pillow:)

Sometimes I do something and then forget about it:) So was with this pillow. I crochet some squares and flowers, but never finished it:) So I decided to make it already and get rid of that unsatisfied feeling of mine. At the end, I just loved my pillows!
Each pillow is made of 9 squares, that are sewn together and 9 flowers attached to the center of each square. I used silk fabric of two colors, for the front brown (to match my squares) and turquoise for the back. 
So these are 9 squares,
I sew it up to the brown fabric

Then attached flowers

I put smaller piece of the back lining and, 

Put bigger piece on top

I sew up the edges, 

And turn it inside out, 


I am so pleased with myself now and enjoying my new pillows:) 
Thank you for attention!!!

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