Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My grandma squares pillows

When I started to crochet those grandma squares, I planned to make a bag, but colors were too bright and then I decided to turn them in to beautiful pillows. I crocheted 18 squares for two pillows and sew the back side out of silky fabric. Here is my one square:

Then I attached 9 squares together to make one side of my pillow.
How I saw my pillows? Here is how:
I cut out a little longer square (a little longer than my crocheted piece) out of white silky fabric, cut in two pieces, one wider than another and attached a zip.

Then, I put this piece on top of the crocheted piece, right sides in and sew all over the edges:

Over lock the edges and then fold back to the right side. That's it! Easy and fun!

Bright, colorful and beautiful pillows are ready to make us happy :)

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