Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to make a "Barbie" cake

Recently, my daughter ordered a "Barbie" cake, with a pink dress, for her birthday, so I had to do it! The making process was fun and easy! For the cake base, I baked my favorite honey cake, you can find the recipe here:
I just used my deep, round bottomed bowl, to shape the "dress" and cut out a hole in the middle.

Wrapped the half of the doll with food wrapper and placed it into the hole:

And my favorite part-decorating! I used my small "star" former, to make white stars and a regular "pipe", with a tiny hole, to make pink roses.

My sweety pie just loved the cake!!! She said - "Mommy, it is just as I wanted to be!" and that was the most important thing for me:)

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