Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My grandma squares pillows

When I started to crochet those grandma squares, I planned to make a bag, but colors were too bright and then I decided to turn them in to beautiful pillows. I crocheted 18 squares for two pillows and sew the back side out of silky fabric. Here is my one square:

Then I attached 9 squares together to make one side of my pillow.
How I saw my pillows? Here is how:
I cut out a little longer square (a little longer than my crocheted piece) out of white silky fabric, cut in two pieces, one wider than another and attached a zip.

Then, I put this piece on top of the crocheted piece, right sides in and sew all over the edges:

Over lock the edges and then fold back to the right side. That's it! Easy and fun!

Bright, colorful and beautiful pillows are ready to make us happy :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to make a "Barbie" cake

Recently, my daughter ordered a "Barbie" cake, with a pink dress, for her birthday, so I had to do it! The making process was fun and easy! For the cake base, I baked my favorite honey cake, you can find the recipe here:
I just used my deep, round bottomed bowl, to shape the "dress" and cut out a hole in the middle.

Wrapped the half of the doll with food wrapper and placed it into the hole:

And my favorite part-decorating! I used my small "star" former, to make white stars and a regular "pipe", with a tiny hole, to make pink roses.

My sweety pie just loved the cake!!! She said - "Mommy, it is just as I wanted to be!" and that was the most important thing for me:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cauliflower soup-puree with coconut milk

Soup-purees are my favorite! I always look up for new recipes and experiment in my kitchen:) I was inspired by this recipe: but, as always, I changed the recipe for my taste:) here is my version:
Medium sized cauliflower head
1 can of coconut milk
200 grams of milk
Salt to taste
Fresh grounded pepper (optional)
Separate cauliflower to medium sized florets. Cook in steamer, until cauliflower is soft. Blend cauliflower with hot milk in food processor, until smooth and without any crumbs. In another bowl, heat up the coconut milk and add in cauliflower mixture. Add some salt and freshly grounded pepper to your taste. Yumm!