Sunday, October 30, 2011

My "Purple joy"

Recently I finally finished my crocheted bag and now I am enjoying it :) I didn't have any pattern, so all the work is done just "as I go". The inner lining is sewn out of purple colored cotton fabric and attached at the very end of the process. Sorry for such a horrible photos, all the work is done in the evenings in front of TV, and my camera doesn't work well in dark:( Definitely have to change my camera or I will end up with nervousness:)
First I crocheted some flowers and placed them in this order:

Then I just joined them with needle crochet and attached some crystal beads in the center of some flowers.

As I mentioned, I sew lining out of cotton fabric and attached those two pieces (crochet and cotton) together. Here I had some problems with the edges, first I wanted to crochet more flowers and attach them, but as a big lazy person, I decided just to sew up the edges:)

At the very end, I sew up zipper and attached holding strips. Then I decided to attach a small string of crystal beads to the front of my bag:)

Voila!!! My new bag is ready to enjoy! Back:


Closer look:

What do you think about my bag?

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