Monday, October 3, 2011

New back pack for my little one!

Recently I finished my new back pack with cross stitched Winnie the Pooh and a piglet:) My daughter loves them! I had left over fabric out of my husbands shirt, so I decided not to waste it:) I sew up the stitched piece to the other pieces of main fabric, made a "sandwich" out of polyester and just run over with my sewing machine, to make it soft and comfy. For the back, first I made outside pocket. This is how:
First I sew a piece of fabric on to the right side of the fabric, cut it in the middle, corners have to be cut in triangle shape:

Now fold it to the wrong side of fabric and attach the zip:

Cut out two pieces of fabric for the pockets, put one on top of another and sew them together:

Back pocket is ready!
Now, I made a "sandwich" and run around, making the same thing as with front piece. Here, I made a mistake, if you will sew this back pack, first of all make a "sandwich" and then make a pocket, otherwise, you have to leave a space, to "save" the pocket:) But it's o.k
Now, I attached heavy duty zip to the side strip:

Attached the front piece:

Then the back, sewing holding strips all along with it:

Now sew the lining piece in the same manner (just sew inner pockets)and "wear" it on top of the wrong side of the back pack:

Sew along the zip, attaching two pieces together and voila! Your cute back pack is ready!!!

It turned out to be a little bigger back pack for my cuty, but she loved it!

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