Thursday, October 6, 2011

My new warm and cozy quilt!

I have been reading and learning about this technique a lot and at last, wanted to try it myself. I loved the process and a result! Two sided quilt, which is soft, warm and so nice to touch! I used flannel fabric, to make it cozier, but any kind of fabric will go well for this pattern.
For this quilt, I made easy pinwheels out of two different fabrics and for the back, used just one color. I am so thankful for "Missouri quilt company" for it's wonderful tutorials! I learned a lot from them!!! This easy pinwheels are also one of theirs great ideas, it's so simple and fast, that any beginner can sew this quilt just in one day!
So, here what I've done: I cut out same sized squares from all of the fabric.To make half triangle squares, I put different patterned squares one on top of another and sew all of the edges together. Then I just cut them up like this:

Now open up all pieces and you will see your ready halved squares!

Press all of the squares and cut out that extra edges at the corners. Arrange them like pinwheels. Now put one colored (third fabric) squares under each piece and begin to sew them up. Be careful for the corners, as they mustn't be sewed. I just pull up my "foot" at each corner and continued sewing.
So, after you done with binding all pieces, your quilt must look like this:

Now, begins the most irritating step-cutting out the edges! I earned 2-3 corns cutting out them! Usually quilter use the special scissors for that purpose, but I didn't have one, so I did it with my ordinary but sharp pair of scissors.

At the end, just nicely brush out that cut edges with a hard comb or brush or just wash the quilt and your cozy quilt for cold winter days is ready! Yey!!!

Ooopsy, guys, I realized that I didn't take a photo of the back of quilt just now! Gotta shoot one and will put it here later:)
Did you like my quilt?

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