Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black and white bed lining

Today I was upset that, after so many sewing projects, my sewing machine stopped working:( Don't know the reason, but I have to fix it as soon as it is possible, as I have so many plans! My husband tried to find out the problem, but couldn't and told me "Your sewing machine is telling you to stop and have a rest" :) What will I do until it is fixed!? I have to figure out something! But good thing is, now I have time to post and show you my finished projects:)

I couldn't decide with the style of this bed lining, when I bought the fabric at the market. Then, knowing if I think about it too much, I will never start to sewing it, just took those scissors and cut out the patterns as I go:) When I finished sewing 2 simple pillows, bed sheet and a cover, it looked a bit boring to me, so I decided to sew additional pillows. I made two cushions in patchwork style, which took a very long time to sew, as most of the work is done by hands (hand stitching).

At the end I still had fabric left overs, so I made one more pillow and decorate it with yo-yo flowers:) (I put wrong sized pillow inside, that's why it is looking "wavy")

And one more picture with all pillows:

New bed sheets for my little princess!

Sevinch was asking me to sew princess bed sheet for a long time. Finally I found the right fabric at the market and sew cute set for my little one:)

I made two pillows, just cutting out smaller images out of fabric and attached pink border to the sides. One with gathered edge.

And you know what? By chance I found yellow ready made pillow cases at the market, just matching with yellow borders of my bed sheet:) I instantly bought them!

But, I am not sure that she finally will be sleeping on her bed all the night:) anyway she will end up in our bed by the morning:) (Didn't work out last time with angel bed sheet:))

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gorgeous rose clutch out of eyeglass case

I had a reception on the event of our National day and I have prepared pink chiffon dress for wearing. But, I couldn't decide which clutch is more suitable to my dress- I had grey one, but didn't want to match pink with grey (even it is my favorite match)it looked not so feminine as I wanted. So, I decided to make one:) Once I've seen cute ring clutches by Alexandr Mcqueen and liked the idea. I had one old eyeglass case, I just wrap it up and glue it tightly with pink silk fabric like this:

I also made my husband to make a hole, insert iron wire and attach my ring with it:)

Then I just glued pink organza roses all over the case, front:

And back:

And I asked my sweety to try it on:)

I just LOVED the result! It is so feminine, fluffy, soft and gorgeous clutch, just as I wanted!!!
Do you like it? Maybe you also have some ideas, share with me:)