Monday, August 22, 2011

My first ever quilt!!!

I've been interested in quilting in these days and have learned many patterns. I just love it! It turned out that quilting is so fun and interesting hobby! I remember we used to have two small cushions at home, which were made by my grandmother a very long time ago! The patchwork border was amazing! They were so beautiful and original! My sister has them now. I tried to sew my own quilt. I bought one beautiful, colorful fabric and plain white one.
I didn't have all of the needed tools, but somehow, I figured out:)At the beginning, I wasn't able to make perfect same squares out of that strips, but then after a few tries, I made it.

Still, experienced quilters will see my faults, but for the person who doesn't know anything about quilting (precisely my husband:)) it is a perfect sewn quilt:)
For me, it is my first experience and I made it specially for my cuty one, so it is made with love-that is important:)
During sewing process, I had some problems with it, especially when I was sewing trough and across the "sandwich", so I decided to sew it up by hands and then run through with sewing machine.

Finally, I bind my quilt with a white fabric.
At the end, I had so many left over pieces, that I decided to make a pillow out of them.


  1. Salomalaikum Malika,

    I am deeply impressed. Seems like you are a multitalent! My mother-in-law sews such things as well, I can imagine how difficult it is. Have you thought about selling such things? By the way I love that bag with pink roses and the bed linen you did for your dother as well. I am going to do qozon kabob with your receipe today. I hope my husband will like it.
    Let me know if you are in Germany someday. I would really like to meet you. Take care. Gül.

  2. Gul, thank you dear for such a sweet words! I am sure your husband will love your Qozon kabob, because you will prepare it with love, that's what is important:) As far as my hobbies,I just like to create and trying new things.