Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just finished sewing a bag!

I was thinking about sewing a bag for a long time ago and finally I decided to make it! I didn't have any patterns, so it was made on the way. I used thick weaved fabric that I found in furniture shop.
The idea was to sew a big bag so I cut out big, square shape,sew up the edges and make some pleats at the middle. I also sew corners, to shape a box:

Did the same thing with the lining, adding inner pockets to it.

I sew the corners together at their wrong side and then fold out.

Attached small fabric pieces to the heavy duty zip and then attached it to the top of the bag:

Then I fold corners and hand stitched them to the sides of the bag. You can see it better in this picture:

I cut out long rectangle piece, sew the edges at their wrong edges, leaving a space for folding and then hand stitched the edges with brown knitting wool. I also attached a brown strap to the middle.

For decoration I used my own crocheted squared with pink roses and attached them to the both sides of the bag:

Finally I made my husband to attach those circles that hold straps:)

I loved this experience with sewing a bag and want to make some more:)

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