Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How I sew cute back pack for myself and my honey pie

I have been searching for a cute back pack for a long time. I love back packs, as they are comfortable and easy to carry, especially it is helpful when you are with a child, who is always jumping and running around:)-at least you will have both of your hands free to catch her:) Unfortunately for me, I couldn't find any back pack at the stores, so I decided to sew one. I bought a very durable fabric out of furniture store and started cutting out. First I cut out rectangle shape 15X18 inches and sew up edges:

Cut out oval shape for the bottom and attached to that rectangle tube:

Did the same thing with a lining fabric, but made it shorter:

Then attached patch worked pocket to the right side of the lining:

I made two holding strips and attached pink strips (I took those from my daughter's old school back pack).
Sew up the bottom of the both pieces together from the wrong side, then fold back (I also stitched the holding strips at this point):

See that longer edge? I folded up and stitched that one:

Then I make two holes here, hand stitched edges of the holes and tied with a pink pleated strip. At last, I stitched a cover on top. I decorated the cover with my crocheted pink rose and voila!!! Cute and comfortable back pack, that I hope will last long:)

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