Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Minestrone soup

My sister has a very close Italian friend and she always describes her "Minestrone" soup so delicious and mouthwatering tasty, that I also decided to try one:) I have searched internet for the recipe and liked Jamie's Minestrone- you can find it here:
I slightly change the recipe adding black eyed peas instead of green beans and added not five but two carrots. I also skipped red wine and zucchinis and used dry red kidney beans (I soak them for 5 hours and then cooked until soft. I didn't have fresh oregano and basil, so I added dry oregano and basil, 1 tbsp of each. After my soup was ready and I had a first taste, it was amazing! So delicious, full of flavors, thick and nutritious! I loved it! So here my version of "Minestrone":

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