Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to make your daughter sleep on her own bed:)

I think a lot of parents have the same trouble-making their children sleep on their own bed. Our honey is one of them:) She never liked to sleep alone in her room. We tried different tricks to make her sleep there, but in the morning, we find out that she joined us sometime at night:) Recently I come up with a new trick- beautiful and funny bed set! I bought sweet fabric in the store and sew the set. She just loved it! She promised to sleep in her bed, because if not, those little fairy girls will get upset:) Well, we will see how long will that work:)
Here are some pictures of the process:
I cut out extra "face"s out of fabric and stitch it to the actual "faces" and then filled up with cotton. Added lace to the bottom of the skirts:

I cut out yellow wool for hair and attached it with zig zag stitch. After stitching them to the heads, I made different hair style for every fairy:

Here is the result:

I also sew smiling "sun" pillow:)


  1. Малика, Вы - просто волшебница! Какая прелестная краватка для малышки! Если бы мне Ваши золотые руки!

  2. Спасибо вам тоже за комплимент!