Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Tooth fairy" doll for our family dentist:)

I sew this doll for our family dentist. He is nice and decent man who makes his work perfectly, so I wanted to thank him with this small gift. I didn't use any pattern, just draw and cut all the parts depending on my eyes:) Hope you will find the process fun and useful.
For the head, I cut out this shape and sew up the every space like this:

Then I combine two parts and fill it with polyester:

So the head is ready now:

Then I sew the body and stitch it behind the head:

Made hair out of yellow wool, using a book and a scissors. I just wrap out the wool around the book and then sew the middle:

And then cut out the other end:

Drew eyes and a mouth with an acrylic paint:

I couldn't take pictures of the rest of the process, as I go so deep in it and forgot to take pictures, sorry:) Just can say that, I sew up arms and legs, stitched them to the body, sew cute dress and a tooth and then, I did remember about the camera:)

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