Friday, April 8, 2011

Perfect breakfast in bed!

For me an ideal breakfast is the breakfast prepared with love and care. Sometimes I like to surprise my husband with special and delicious breakfast to bed, while he is sleeping:) So today's was whole wheat crepes with strawberry sauce!
For crepes:
300 ml of milk or whey
2 eggs
1 tbsp of vegetable oil
1 tbsp of sugar
half a tsp of salt
Half a tsp of baking soda
3/4 cup of whole wheat flour
Plain flour as needed
A little oil for frying crepes
For sauce:
300 grams of strawberry
3 tbsp of honey
Whisk eggs in milk, add in oil, sugar, salt and mix well. In separate bowl, mix baking powder with whole wheat flour and combine with milk mixture. Mix well, add in some plain flour until mixture is thick enough, but runny when pured out of spoon. I didn't really measure plain flour, as it depends on how big are your eggs, so depend on your eyes. Batter must be like thin sour cream.
Finely heat up your thick bottomed pan. Sprinkle some oil and pour a small laddle of batter on the pan, while swirling it to distribute the batter evenly all over the pan. Fry until golden and then turn upside down and cook the other side. Crepes must be thin enough, but still thicker than the regular crepes. Cook again until you will use up your batter. Set ready crepes aside.
In food processor, blend strawberries with honey, until smooth puree. Serve 3-4 crepes for person and pour strawberry sauce on top, decorate with some whole strawberries.
Enjoy your morning treat!!!

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