Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My miniature paintings

I love drawing miniatures, it is fun, it is really enjoying and it is relatively fast, because when I paint with oil, sometimes it takes me a month to finish my painting, though, painting with watercolor is more difficult than the oil. I draw miniatures with watercolors and gouache and every work has it's own meaning.
This one I called "Thoughts"

"Hope" :


You can share with me your own opinions about the meanings of these paintings, I will be pleased to read them.


  1. You are multitalented. What I like most about these drawings is that they show a colation of your life and culture. Thank you for sharing. Greetings from Australia.

    1. Dear Edward Blum, I am so honored getting such a positive comment from you! I have visited your blog and was amazed by your works-they are so colorful and meaningful! Thank you for giving me such attention, it is very important for me being noticed by such a great artist like you!