Thursday, April 14, 2011

My lace jewelery

The other day I saw a beautiful lace strip in "Lace center" shop, immediately I got an idea and bought it. As soon as we were at home, I started making some jewelery out of that gorgeous lace. I had some pearls and some polymer clay roses, which I made myself. Later I will write a post how to make them.

I measured my wrist and cut out 3 flowers out of the lace and made a bracelet, from a single flowers I made a pair of earrings. Those are ready, now I am thinking about to make a ring and a pendant from the other left over flowers:) As soon as I finish them I will show you. I just need some materials-ring and metal hook for pendant.
I loved it!!! And some more pictures:


  1. it looks so nice, I am preparing something for the creative jewelery too.....
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  2. Very pretty lace is so lovely in jewellery!