Thursday, March 3, 2011

My doll "Kuzyena"

When I finished sewing this doll, my husband told me that it looks like "Kuzinka" - the home ghost from one of the old Russian cartoons. But mine was a girl, so I called her "Kuzyena":) I sew it for my daughter, but she didn't like it, she said complained that her hair is not blonde and it's not long:) She loves blonde hair, every time she watches "Tangled" with Rapunzel, she asks "mummy why I don't have such blonde hair?" Once my husband was fed up with her question and told her that she can dye her hair in blonde, when she grows up. For that he got a word from me:)Now she always asks me to dye her hair and I always tell that it is not good for her hair. That's what I called the bad influence of some cartoons:)
So, after that, this doll is waiting for her owner:)

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