Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lace bracelet

I made this bracelet for my pink jacket which has not finished yet :) I love pink! My jacket is pink in color, so I thought grey lace bracelet will go well with it. I like the result-bracelet is very feminine and warm:)
I use grey organza lace, pink crystal beads, pink silk lace and crocheted wooden beads. (I crochet them myself:))
I cut out very long piece from grey organza lace, put it through one grey crocheted bead and start to make knots.

After 4-5 knots I put it through the second bead and repeated once more. Then I sew crystal beads.

I added single rose I made from pink silk lace (soon I will post how I made it), as well as a pink crocheted bead in the middle, after the wise advise from my little one:)

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