Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"Chapati" is popular in Pakistan. I really love the taste and that the fact of it's usefulness. It is usually made from whole wheat flour, but sometimes, can be made out of regular flour too. I prefer to make it form whole wheat flour. "Chapati" is usually served with curries and other national dishes. I also use it as a wrapper instead of "Lavash". Recipe is for about 5-6 chapatis, depending on their size.
250 ml of warm water
2 tbsp of vegetable oil
Salt to taste
Whole wheat flour as needed
Mix salt and oil with water. Gradually start adding flour until you will form very soft dough. I really like whole wheat as it doesn't stick to hands much and comfortable to use. Cover the dough and let it rest 30 min. Divide in to 6 balls. Roll up each ball into flat, thin circle and fry without any oil in well heated pan. Usually special pan-"tava" is used for cooking "chapati", it is heavy and has thick bottom. While cooking "chapati"s tend to fluff up like a ball.
I usually roll up chapatis while cooking them. I put one for frying and start rolling the other one. When "chapati" is ready cover with cotton towel. Serve "chapati" when it is fresh, as it hardens quickly.
Serve and enjoy your healthy, nutritious and tasty "chapati"!

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  1. Именно по твоему рецепту я и делаю чапати,покупаю для них муку из цельной пшеницы,очень вкусные и ароматные получаются,красиво надуваются.Интересно,можно ли заготовки раскатанного теста замораживать,а топом по мере необходимости печь на сковородке за считанные минуты?Никак не соберусь это попробовать.