Friday, February 25, 2011

Easy tutu for girls

It's been a long time since my daughter kept asking me to make her a tutu. She loves ballet! I searched internet and find very easy tutu tutorial and made it in 1 hour! Now my sunshine is wearing it all day long and keeps telling me thanks!
So, you will need:
- net fabric as it is shown in photos and cut out long strips (length 20-25 inches and width 3.5-4 inches). Length of the strips will depend on the length of the skirt
-wide rubber band that will match with the size of the tummy
-some ribbon for decoration
Sew two sides of a ribbon to make circle, tie every strip of the fabric around it. If you want to make the skirt more puffy, add more strips. You can tie it as you want. You can use different knots, choose yourself.

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  1. Beautiful! By the way the fabric you used lookes like Tulle.