Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My grandma squares pillows

When I started to crochet those grandma squares, I planned to make a bag, but colors were too bright and then I decided to turn them in to beautiful pillows. I crocheted 18 squares for two pillows and sew the back side out of silky fabric. Here is my one square:

Then I attached 9 squares together to make one side of my pillow.
How I saw my pillows? Here is how:
I cut out a little longer square (a little longer than my crocheted piece) out of white silky fabric, cut in two pieces, one wider than another and attached a zip.

Then, I put this piece on top of the crocheted piece, right sides in and sew all over the edges:

Over lock the edges and then fold back to the right side. That's it! Easy and fun!

Bright, colorful and beautiful pillows are ready to make us happy :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to make a "Barbie" cake

Recently, my daughter ordered a "Barbie" cake, with a pink dress, for her birthday, so I had to do it! The making process was fun and easy! For the cake base, I baked my favorite honey cake, you can find the recipe here:
I just used my deep, round bottomed bowl, to shape the "dress" and cut out a hole in the middle.

Wrapped the half of the doll with food wrapper and placed it into the hole:

And my favorite part-decorating! I used my small "star" former, to make white stars and a regular "pipe", with a tiny hole, to make pink roses.

My sweety pie just loved the cake!!! She said - "Mommy, it is just as I wanted to be!" and that was the most important thing for me:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cauliflower soup-puree with coconut milk

Soup-purees are my favorite! I always look up for new recipes and experiment in my kitchen:) I was inspired by this recipe: but, as always, I changed the recipe for my taste:) here is my version:
Medium sized cauliflower head
1 can of coconut milk
200 grams of milk
Salt to taste
Fresh grounded pepper (optional)
Separate cauliflower to medium sized florets. Cook in steamer, until cauliflower is soft. Blend cauliflower with hot milk in food processor, until smooth and without any crumbs. In another bowl, heat up the coconut milk and add in cauliflower mixture. Add some salt and freshly grounded pepper to your taste. Yumm!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My lovely horses!

I love horses! Maybe because, I associate them with loyalty... They're just so beautiful and intelligent creatures! This work was done about 2 years ago and now it is hanging on my wall, every time I see them, evrytime I have my positive energy! I took this pattern from one of the "Cross-stitch" magazine, but colors were chosen by me, as the colors that were given in the chart didn't match with the ones, that I could find. I just loved the result!

My "Purple joy"

Recently I finally finished my crocheted bag and now I am enjoying it :) I didn't have any pattern, so all the work is done just "as I go". The inner lining is sewn out of purple colored cotton fabric and attached at the very end of the process. Sorry for such a horrible photos, all the work is done in the evenings in front of TV, and my camera doesn't work well in dark:( Definitely have to change my camera or I will end up with nervousness:)
First I crocheted some flowers and placed them in this order:

Then I just joined them with needle crochet and attached some crystal beads in the center of some flowers.

As I mentioned, I sew lining out of cotton fabric and attached those two pieces (crochet and cotton) together. Here I had some problems with the edges, first I wanted to crochet more flowers and attach them, but as a big lazy person, I decided just to sew up the edges:)

At the very end, I sew up zipper and attached holding strips. Then I decided to attach a small string of crystal beads to the front of my bag:)

Voila!!! My new bag is ready to enjoy! Back:


Closer look:

What do you think about my bag?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My new warm and cozy quilt!

I have been reading and learning about this technique a lot and at last, wanted to try it myself. I loved the process and a result! Two sided quilt, which is soft, warm and so nice to touch! I used flannel fabric, to make it cozier, but any kind of fabric will go well for this pattern.
For this quilt, I made easy pinwheels out of two different fabrics and for the back, used just one color. I am so thankful for "Missouri quilt company" for it's wonderful tutorials! I learned a lot from them!!! This easy pinwheels are also one of theirs great ideas, it's so simple and fast, that any beginner can sew this quilt just in one day!
So, here what I've done: I cut out same sized squares from all of the fabric.To make half triangle squares, I put different patterned squares one on top of another and sew all of the edges together. Then I just cut them up like this:

Now open up all pieces and you will see your ready halved squares!

Press all of the squares and cut out that extra edges at the corners. Arrange them like pinwheels. Now put one colored (third fabric) squares under each piece and begin to sew them up. Be careful for the corners, as they mustn't be sewed. I just pull up my "foot" at each corner and continued sewing.
So, after you done with binding all pieces, your quilt must look like this:

Now, begins the most irritating step-cutting out the edges! I earned 2-3 corns cutting out them! Usually quilter use the special scissors for that purpose, but I didn't have one, so I did it with my ordinary but sharp pair of scissors.

At the end, just nicely brush out that cut edges with a hard comb or brush or just wash the quilt and your cozy quilt for cold winter days is ready! Yey!!!

Ooopsy, guys, I realized that I didn't take a photo of the back of quilt just now! Gotta shoot one and will put it here later:)
Did you like my quilt?

Monday, October 3, 2011

New back pack for my little one!

Recently I finished my new back pack with cross stitched Winnie the Pooh and a piglet:) My daughter loves them! I had left over fabric out of my husbands shirt, so I decided not to waste it:) I sew up the stitched piece to the other pieces of main fabric, made a "sandwich" out of polyester and just run over with my sewing machine, to make it soft and comfy. For the back, first I made outside pocket. This is how:
First I sew a piece of fabric on to the right side of the fabric, cut it in the middle, corners have to be cut in triangle shape:

Now fold it to the wrong side of fabric and attach the zip:

Cut out two pieces of fabric for the pockets, put one on top of another and sew them together:

Back pocket is ready!
Now, I made a "sandwich" and run around, making the same thing as with front piece. Here, I made a mistake, if you will sew this back pack, first of all make a "sandwich" and then make a pocket, otherwise, you have to leave a space, to "save" the pocket:) But it's o.k
Now, I attached heavy duty zip to the side strip:

Attached the front piece:

Then the back, sewing holding strips all along with it:

Now sew the lining piece in the same manner (just sew inner pockets)and "wear" it on top of the wrong side of the back pack:

Sew along the zip, attaching two pieces together and voila! Your cute back pack is ready!!!

It turned out to be a little bigger back pack for my cuty, but she loved it!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black and white bed lining

Today I was upset that, after so many sewing projects, my sewing machine stopped working:( Don't know the reason, but I have to fix it as soon as it is possible, as I have so many plans! My husband tried to find out the problem, but couldn't and told me "Your sewing machine is telling you to stop and have a rest" :) What will I do until it is fixed!? I have to figure out something! But good thing is, now I have time to post and show you my finished projects:)

I couldn't decide with the style of this bed lining, when I bought the fabric at the market. Then, knowing if I think about it too much, I will never start to sewing it, just took those scissors and cut out the patterns as I go:) When I finished sewing 2 simple pillows, bed sheet and a cover, it looked a bit boring to me, so I decided to sew additional pillows. I made two cushions in patchwork style, which took a very long time to sew, as most of the work is done by hands (hand stitching).

At the end I still had fabric left overs, so I made one more pillow and decorate it with yo-yo flowers:) (I put wrong sized pillow inside, that's why it is looking "wavy")

And one more picture with all pillows:

New bed sheets for my little princess!

Sevinch was asking me to sew princess bed sheet for a long time. Finally I found the right fabric at the market and sew cute set for my little one:)

I made two pillows, just cutting out smaller images out of fabric and attached pink border to the sides. One with gathered edge.

And you know what? By chance I found yellow ready made pillow cases at the market, just matching with yellow borders of my bed sheet:) I instantly bought them!

But, I am not sure that she finally will be sleeping on her bed all the night:) anyway she will end up in our bed by the morning:) (Didn't work out last time with angel bed sheet:))

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gorgeous rose clutch out of eyeglass case

I had a reception on the event of our National day and I have prepared pink chiffon dress for wearing. But, I couldn't decide which clutch is more suitable to my dress- I had grey one, but didn't want to match pink with grey (even it is my favorite match)it looked not so feminine as I wanted. So, I decided to make one:) Once I've seen cute ring clutches by Alexandr Mcqueen and liked the idea. I had one old eyeglass case, I just wrap it up and glue it tightly with pink silk fabric like this:

I also made my husband to make a hole, insert iron wire and attach my ring with it:)

Then I just glued pink organza roses all over the case, front:

And back:

And I asked my sweety to try it on:)

I just LOVED the result! It is so feminine, fluffy, soft and gorgeous clutch, just as I wanted!!!
Do you like it? Maybe you also have some ideas, share with me:)