Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to make flowers out of left over fabrics

Hi everyone!!! It is so nice to be here after such a long time! Hope you still remember me:) I am such a lazy lady, who is not lazy to do things, but to make a post about them:) But at least now I make myself to sit and make some postings here:) Hope you guys will enjoy it:)
When I sew,  I always have scraps and left overs all over:) And if the fabric is beautiful, I can't make myself to throw out those scraps, so I try to make something out of them. Usually it is flowers:) I will post pictures below and hope it is understandable.
So, I cut out three different sizes of flower shape and then burn the edges with lighter or with a help of a candle.
 If you want your flower to be more fluffy, make more layers, here I made about 4-5 of for each size. Next step is just put all those layers on top of another, smaller one at the top and sew the middle.
You can also sew some beads to the center.
Usually I use them as a mat for my candles, or just a decoration piece for my table. Can be used as a headband if attached to elastic, or even as a belt... Anything you like:)
Next flower is made of thicker fabric, it is shiny and honestly I am not sure how that fabric is called:)
So you will cut out three different sizes of squares, this one is made 10x10, 7x7, 5x5 cm.
Fold the square corner to corner, shaping triangle, sew the longer edge, and then gather a little.
Make sure that the smallest petal has to be gathered tighter than other petals. 
Now start assembling your flower, wrapping them to each other, starting from the smallest. Wrap in check mate order. Shape up the flower with your hands and it is ready!
See you till next time!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

My new doll "Zaynab"

Hey everyone!  How are you? Hope your life is filled with joy and happiness! I wish that for all of you!!!
I missed my childhood, me and my sister Nodira used to sew different kinds of clothes to my dolls:) It was so fun for me, getting  new clothes for my precious ones:)I remember those days and I smile with all my heart! I am grateful for my sister for giving me that kind of experience, who knows, maybe that installed me love for creating and sewing:) I love you sis!
The day before yesterday, I finished my new doll:) My husband and daughter called her "Zaynab"-very popular Uzbek name:) She is so cute and adorable:) She is nice, cheerful and happy too:) Meet "Zaynab":
Zaynab has brown eyes, 

 Oh those eyes...
 And a beautiful long hair...
Full length of her:

I sew a dress for Zaynab out of traditional Uzbek fabric called "Atlas" and she loved it:) 
She asked me for more embellishment, so I add in lace belt and those red edges for the neckline. Zaynab was happy:) 
I also gifted her a beautiful Uzbek hat -"Duppi":)  
Now Zaynab is fully satisfied with her look, but hey, she is asking me for a little bit of make up :) But, today its too late and I am tired, so I will make her up tomorrow:) She is such a naughty girl:)
See you guys! Let me now if you have some kind of suggestions:)
Love you all xoxoxox

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flowery pillow:)

Sometimes I do something and then forget about it:) So was with this pillow. I crochet some squares and flowers, but never finished it:) So I decided to make it already and get rid of that unsatisfied feeling of mine. At the end, I just loved my pillows!
Each pillow is made of 9 squares, that are sewn together and 9 flowers attached to the center of each square. I used silk fabric of two colors, for the front brown (to match my squares) and turquoise for the back. 
So these are 9 squares,
I sew it up to the brown fabric

Then attached flowers

I put smaller piece of the back lining and, 

Put bigger piece on top

I sew up the edges, 

And turn it inside out, 


I am so pleased with myself now and enjoying my new pillows:) 
Thank you for attention!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How I sew my animal print chiffon dress:)

Hi everyone! 
Animal prints are always trendy! It\s been a long time that I have decided to sew something new for myself and I chose a beautiful chiffon fabric with animal print and did some internet surfing:) And my luck! I found this great video of Carolyn Baxter on how to make a simple dress. 

I add my flower belt to enhance the beauty of my dress and I just LOVE the result!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shoes and hearts

Photo is taken from here: http://paleobioticslab.com/desert-drifting-with-cody-barefoot-lundin/ Once we were having a chat with one woman. We were talking about where to buy nice shoes and I was surprised when that woman told me "I judge people by looking to their shoes!". I am a big fan of beautiful shoes, and I understand that everyone have their own point of view to the world and things, but it seemed a little bit strange to me:)I always look up to people's heart and their humanity and for me there is no difference if they are wearing any shoes at all:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roses are red, my table runner is white:)

I love roses!!! Maybe because they remind me of those days, when my darling used to bring them every single day!!!
When I saw gorgeous table runners here, I desperately wanted to make one, so after many efforts and needle punched fingers, I finished it!!! Oh, my poor fingers! I am thankful to the author of that blog for such inspirations and ideas!!! My biggest respect and appreciations for the author, as I know how difficult is that!
I used linen fabric for the runner. And here are photos:

My gorgeous roses!!!

Hi everyone!!! Finally I finished stitching my roses!!! It come out so beautiful, I love it! Thank you Sarah-my kindest friend for giving me this beautiful chart. It took me a long time to finish it, as turned out that the squares of my fabric were so tiny:) But it worth the time I spent, as it looks like not stitched, but painted picture!!! I am posting pictures in process, so you could see and enjoy it with me:) If someone needs that chart, I can take a photo and paste it here.
So, here they come:

Now I have to frame it and then enjoy with the result:)